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I met Paul from Photohouse Studio a few months ago at our Networking Group called The Bell City Associates. Paul is a very well known photographer in Brant County. With over 10+ years of experience, some of which are in Food Photography; it only made sense to work on a little project together combining our crafts.

For the shoot I made 2 of my Signature Cakes (Red Velvet & Chocolate), Cakesicles, Decorated Sugar Cookies & a variety of Cupcakes to bring. I also packed a tote full of some of my favourite cake stands, bulk ingredients (except icing sugar - but we'll get to that soon) and my measuring cups.

Paul had previously sent me inspirational photos of dark moody food shots with what appeared to be powdered sugar sifted over the desserts. I'm sure theres a technical term for this that Paul had said - but I forget..As most of you know, I am the exact opposite when photographing my cakes and treats on a day to to basis. This new concept was so intriguing to me & I am so very happy with the outcome!

A little behind the scenes info on how we got these shots:

  • The dishtowel in the first photo was originally only brought to keep my cake stands from clanging together on the drive. We practically used it in every shot!

  • I purchased the rose gold measuring cups the day prior because I thought they would look awesome - I now use them on an everyday occurrence.

  • I packed every bulk ingredient except powdered sugar. Ugh. I ran (ok not really - I drove) to the nearest dollar store to pick up some powdered sugar and a sifter. Of course the dollar store didn't have any which now I physically am running down the street to No Frills where I waited in line for the whole city of Brantford to get their weekly groceries.

  • First attempt at sugaring the treats happened on the cakesicles. Good thing we got a photo of them prior to that. It came out really fast!! Oopsie

  • By the time we were shooting the Chocolate Drip cake I was now a pro sugar sifter.

  • Paul purposely didn't eat lunch so he could sample the products. His treat of choice was a cakesicle.

Many thanks to Paul for such a fun afternoon of creativity & treats!

You can find all of Paul's work at

You can learn more about the Networking Group we are both apart of at

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